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Want to up your penny stock game? The volatility often seen in small caps can lead to a high level of excitement!
Here are some examples of companies we’ve recently profiled for our readers just like you:



Profiled: $0.28

February 2021


March 2021





Profiled: $0.01

October 2020


February 2021





Profiled: $0.07

May 2021


June 2021



*Some figures and/or symbols may have been changed due to stock splits and/or company name changes.

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The Daily EV will bring you the top battery plays and innovations directly to your email. While this is a massively undercovered industry, our extensive experience can bring you the best of the best before they are turned into mainstream plays. This industry is poised to become a 21st century darling, and many winners will come from it.

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While many battery companies vying for the new EV and storage space have yet to realize their potential, our team has done extensive fundamental and technical analysis to ensure we are giving you the highest chance of success. We take a deep dive of company fundamentals, and apply our knowledge of technical analysis to time the best picks for the battery sector plays. The companies that come to your inbox are extensively researched before sending updates, earning their place on your upside stock picks.

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Our readers get the quality information they need, without the overbearing amount of information available. While our team goes through, in detail, the financial statements and management discussion, among other particulars, our readers only get the key information they need to make an informed decision. Subscribers also get up-to-date information on all recent releases, keeping track of the latest for every highlighted company

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With decades of experience in the industry, our team has the know-how to get you the best opportunities at excellent entry point prices. Our subscribers get the best small-cap company highlights that we have available, and given our extensive history of finding undercovered uncompanies, you will have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

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